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4th Badischer Landweinmarkt (country wine market) in Efringen-Kirchen, Germany,
museum "Alte Schule" (old school museum) - pressrelease

April 24th from 14—18.30 o'clock (2pm to 6.30pm)
im Museum "Alte Schule", Nikolaus-Däublin-Weg 2, 79588 Efringen-Kirchen

Quite a bit of news around the country wine market - and the next bang:

- the country wine market has moved its location to Efringen-Kirchen.
- 26 wine makers present around 200 country wines.
- Patron is the former Federal Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor, Joschka Fischer, who will personally open the country wine market at 14.00 o'clock (2 pm).
- Masterclass will be held by the first German Sommelier- world champion and Master of wine, Markus Del Monego.

A new event location, more space, more winegrowers - and a former Federal Foreign Minister as a beacon: for the fourth edition of the Baden country wine market, the country winegrowers managed to get Joschka Fischer as patron.

"I love wine and am impressed by the idea and the stand from the country wine growers in Baden “said former Federal Foreign Minister to the initiators. Fischer is considered a connoisseur and lateral thinker, who is particularly fond of German wines. As Foreign Minister, he organized a Riesling tasting with eleven German winegrowers at the German UN agency in New York in 2004 to present German wines to the US press. Fischer will personally be present to open the country wine market at 14.00 o'clock (2 pm).

For the initiators of the country wine market is Fischer's commitment and support a further proof that they are on the right path with their independent course.
„We met Joschka Fischer in 2009 during his visit to various winemakers in Baden" said co initiator Hanspeter Ziereisen. That he actually agreed to come is for the winemaker from Efringen-Kirchen, about as valuable as “a Romanée Conti is for wine lovers". Ziereisen sees Fischer's promise as a sign with a strong effect, and he also sees parallels between the former Green politician and the country winegrowers: "In my eyes, the words from Mahatma Gandhi apply: " First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win".

An additional highlight for the country wine makers "Masterclass" is the acquisition of Markus Del Monego, a renowned German wine expert. Del Monego grew up in the south of Baden and became the first German sommelier world champion in 1998. in 2003 he achieved the highly respected title of "Master of Wine". His consulting firm "tasteTainment GmbH" is located in Essen and consults worldwide trade and business companies, wine producers and wineries as well as private customers under the topic "wine and enjoyment".

“Country wines have become an almost revolutionary term" says Del Monego. "discovered by innovative wine makers, this category allows the work in the vineyard and cellar much more freedom, in contrast to the traditional German quality wines". The result can be very characterful vineyards that reflect their terroir, in the truest sense the country, the location, the soil and also the culture of the landscape. Another exciting aspect of the wine world that is waiting to be discovered".

Markus Del Monego will offer three topics in his Masterclass and give an in-depth insight "Classic grape varieties", "Family celebrations" (Burgundy family / Chardonnay and Pinot Noir). Attendance only with advance registration and payment, there is an additional fee.

The fourth country wine market will be the first one located in Efringen-Kirchen. A new location was need due to the new record attendance of 26 Winemakers/producers, a larger locality was needed with such growth in participants. The initiators found this in Efringen-Kirchen in the "old school museum". The building and the surrounding are with extra tents will provide enough space for participants to enjoy the around 200 presented wines in peace and to interact with the presenters.

The 26 free country wine makers and producers from Baden will be presenting about 200 wines in their self-organized event on the 24th of April, 2020 from 2 to 6.30 pm in the "old school museum", Nikolaus-Däublin-Weg 2, 79588 Efringen-Kirchen.
All wine makers are present in person and look forward to stimulating discussions.

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