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The third Badischer Landweinmarkt (country wine market) in Müllheim, Germany

with Jancis Robinson as patron, and Stephan Reinhard (masterclass)

is taking place on the 26'th of April 2019 from 14—19.00 o'clock (2pm to 7 pm)
in the Landhotel Alte Post, Posthalterweg, 79379 Müllheim

Entry fee: 12 Euro, glass deposit: 20 Euro

Badischer Landweinmarkt - this is what it is about
more and more winemakers are marketing and presenting their wines as country wine, also in Baden. They are convinced from their individuality and do not want be limited by the regulations which are limited to mainstream products. They do not want to force their wines into the molds expected by "the wine of certified origin and quality" (Qualitätsweine). Individuality and the character of the wine is key, thus a different understanding of quality - off the beaten track of the conventional rules and regulations. The country wine makers in Baden were and are not allowed to present their wines in established presentations like the yearly wine trade fair in Offenburg. This was the impetus to create a platform to present the country wines in 2017.
The 18 participating winemakers, coming from Baden-Baden to Weil am Rhein, will present about 120 wines.

This is what is important for the participating wine makers:
The vineyard: Qualitative high-grade grapes. This means an ( at least) close to nature, extensive and intensive (hand)made work in the vineyard and in the harvest.
The wine cellar: to produce, as much as possible, without manipulation.
Time: wine needs time to become a wine. This is why there are no 2018 wines presented here at the country wine market only wines from the previous years.

A summary of all the information (in German) is here in a --> Flyer.

There is the possibility to spoil yourselves with a winemaker’s menu after the wine tasting, including wine, for 95 Euros. The Landhotel Alte Post can also offer overnight accommodation with a special price. Please contact the Alte Post directly for reservations (evening menu and accommodation) email: info@alte-post.net
Here the link to the homepage: Alte Post

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